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Three Part Harmony Farm grows vegetables, herbs, and flowers using sustainable agriculture methods. Since 2012, we have cared for a 2-acre plot of land in northeast DC owned by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. We have 64 permanent 100 foot long beds (1/2 acre in production) that are managed in a no-till system that prioritizes building soil health and an overall healthy eco-system.


Most of the farm's vegetables are distributed through a weekly subscription program called Community Supported Agriculture. All of the distribution sites are located within a bike ride of the farm, and most of the families live within close proximity of the farm as well. We pride ourselves in growing high quality, nutrient dense produce most of which we harvest, wash and distribute within 6 - 36 hours.

In 2022 we expanded the farm to Brandywine, MD so that we can grow row crops that require more space as well as provide eggs and chicken to our customers. The new site also allows us to be better partners to our non-profit food hub partners who work diligently to distribute our produce to communities we don't have the capacity to drive to.

As a Black owned farm with deep roots in DC, this work and responsibility to care for the land and the community is at the core of what we do.

Thank you for being part of this remarkable story. As always, it is an honor to nourish your family. Thank you for letting me wake up every day and live my dream of being your farmer,




Three Part Harmony Farm is a small, diversified vegetable operation that grows using agroecological and environmentally sustainable methods. We prioritize growing real food for real people. We focus on keeping our distribution as local as possible. It is our hope that the very existence of our farm encourages others to follow in our foot steps: one piece of the food insecurity puzzle is growing our own, becoming self-sufficient.

We believe that we have shown this to be possible in DC.


Community Supported Agriculture

Over 90% of the food we grow is dedicated to fulfilling our weekly obligation to the 100 families in the CSA program. CSA members sign up before the harvest begins - more like when the first seeds are actually getting planted. It's a strategy that allows for a farm to budget, plan, and make commitments to our community, our families, and our staff for the entire season. We divide up the growing season into 26 distribution weeks between May and November. Individuals and families opt to pick up weekly (a full share) or every other week (a half share.) We can thank Booker T. Whatley for creating this brilliant idea of bringing farmers and eaters together in a special bond, one that helps you avoid large sections of the produce section of the grocery store for most of the year.

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