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Hear from our members

We asked our members to tell us their favorite part about being a member of the CSA, and how they would describe it to a friend.

"love not having to think about what to buy! I just plan my meals around what I get in the CSA"

"I’ve belonged to multiple CSAs and 3PH has been my favorite. Superior marks across the board - quality, quantity, sustainability, value, convenient pickup, feeling valued as a customer…"

"I encourage my friends to join Three Part Harmony Farm CSA because it is hyper-local, grown right in Washington D.C. and is a Black woman owned/led farm (I know that the land is leased, but still!). Belonging to Three Part Harmony Farm CSA is an act of solidarity and living out my commitment to food justice and supporting urban foodscapes. I think it's the most reasonably-priced CSA in the area, especially in the spring, when you get a mountain of greens!"

"The produce is all amazing. The lettuces and greens are wonderful and last so much longer than grocery store greens! I look forward to the French Breakfast radishes every year! I also love that we are supporting a farm in our neighborhood and in turn you are supporting other farmers and producers."

"I liked the high quality of the produce - it lasted so long in my fridge!"

"I loved trying to figure out how to use up all my farm box goodies in a week. It was like a game, and I got my greens in too!"

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