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How to Buy our Produce


Community Supported Agriculture Shares

More than 95% of our produce is pre-sold as  membership subscriptions in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Since our farm is so small, this helps guarantee that everything we grow has a home even before we plant the seed.

New members are invited to sign up in early March for the full season (May - November) or spring session (May and June.) If any of the spring only members do not renew, spots will open up in the summer and/ or fall.

Each week we offer a variety of delicious and nutritious vegetables grown mainly at our Edgewood farm. Big row crops (i.e. caabbage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and some summer veggies) are grown at a satellite location in Brandywine, MD. We partner with Moonstone Poultry to offer eggs, and Kuhn Orchard to offer fruit.

click here to sign up for the Fall 2023 CSA

(please note: when spots are full, the form will automatically collect email addresses for the 2024 waiting list)


Check back for more options in 2023...


Wholesale customers have access to a weekly availability list. Contact us for more information.

Three Part Harmony Farm CSA:

What to Expect

People often ask what to expect when they join the CSA.  


Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA for short, is a subscription service offered usually by small-scale farmers as a way to sell our products direct to consumers. By signing up members in advance of the harvest, we get the peace of mind that a guaranteed number of individuals and families will be our customers for a season.


The customers, or members, also get peace of mind when they join: each share contains gorgeous, locally grown produce to help you eat seasonally, cook more at home, be encouraged to eat healthier, and develop a deeper connection to your food and where it comes from.

Three Part Harmony Farm is owned and operated by a Black woman with deep roots (more than 20 years!) in DC. The farm does not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We are committed to regenerating the soil, slow as that may be.


In addition to our commitment to the environmental aspects of sustainable agriculture, we are also deeply committed to social justice and food access which invites us to battle and balance constantly with the equally weighted goals of making our food accessible to as many people as possible while also voicing the needs and demands of Black farmers to be supported in the labor of love we take on to feed the community while saving the planet.


Many of our members seek out the farm for its unique position as the biggest production farm in DC, because of the deep connection to the farmers and the relationship we develop, or because they want to support a farm with our values. Once they become members however, all of them stay for the amazing “share” of the farm’s bounty.

​The 2023 main season will go from May – November.

The season is divided between spring, summer and fall sessions.


SPRING session is from May 6/ 9 – June 24/ 27 (8 wks = $255)**break between spring and summer: we skip July 1 (Saturday members) and July 4 (Tuesday members)**


SUMMER session is from July 8/ 11 – Aug 26/ Aug 29 (8 wks = $255) **break between summer and fall: we skip Sept 2 (Saturday members) and Sept 5 (Tuesday members)**


FALL session is Sept 9/ 12 – Nov 11/ 14 (10 wks = $315)​


Shares average 9 items per week. An item is often measured by the bunch, i.e. 1 bunch of kale, 1 bunch of radishes, etc. Salad greens are usually in 4 – 6 ounce bags for example lettuce mix, arugula or spinach. Summer vegetables are often weighed by the pound. See below for sample shares. The half share is the same number of items but picked up on alternating weeks.

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