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Happy New Year!

Let's get this party started!

January 2023

Though we are not quite ready to say happy new farm season, I did just want to take a brief moment to wish you all

Happy New Year (2023) from all of us at 3PH. We are indeed looking forward to another great year.

The 2023 farm season is almost underway. The lunar new year marks the "opening" of the greenhouse so that gives me a few more weeks of this slow January time when relaxing and planning are the main highlights.

For now, I'm enjoying a leisurely 8 am wake up followed by 10 am yoga class doesn't leave very much time for work before it is time to make dinner - and I don't mean the fast meals of the regular farm season. We've been taking full advantage of this slow month and trying out new recipes. D'Real sets ambitions high preparing what I would have considered to be foods reserved for always ordering out (i.e. drunken noodles) and pairing them with fancy cocktails. I've settled in to standard favorites among the beans and stews. I did get an autographed copy of Smitten Kitchen Keepers for Christmas so I'm ready to start trying some of those out soon. I'll be taking notes for the CSA newsletter for sure.

Here's a quick look ahead for what's coming up this spring:

Jan - Feb: return CSA members sign up

Feb 1 - beginning farmer apprentices return back from winter break

Feb 1 - first trays go in the greenhouse!

Feb (end of month) - baby chicks ready for pick up!

March 1 - remaining CSA slots open up to the public

March - workshares and staff return to the farm - I'll be in touch soon

early April - spring open house (date TBD)

May - spring CSA session begins

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